Thursday, May 1, 2008

Oh the Days of May

Well, this being the 1st day of May, I thought I might leave a short post.  So, to be quite honest not much is going on that is overly exciting.  However, it is May and that means that it is getting warmer!  I have warn shorts 3 days in a row and I am very excited about this!  Granted, it is supposed to rain for the next week, but hey I will take my beautiful days as they are given to me!  So on Tuesday, April 29, I was on holiday and my friend Katie invited me to go hiking!  I willingly obliged and am so glad that I did.  We drove up to an area about an hour or a little more away from Mito.  It was a beautiful area and it was just nice to get away and be out in nature!  We hiked for a few hours and then grabbed lunch and ate down by the river!  This is a camp ground area and many kayaks, canoes, etc were being enjoyed that day!  I couldn't find any to rent or I might have been out there myself!  Anyway, I did some rock skipping and enjoyed the time.  Katie and I have both said that we will have to go back!  Katie is one of my outdoorsy friends here and that's a great thing to have!  We are planning more excursions!  Anyway, for now I will go, but this next week is Golden Week here.  In other words....I am on vacation for a couple of days!  Yatta!  So I am sure I will have more stories from that time!  I hope all is well wherever this finds you!

Sayonara for now!

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