Monday, April 21, 2008

Mom & Pop Invade Japan!

Well, on Saturday, April 12, Japan was forever changed! Sure, it was changed 30 years ago when my Dad came over, but this time both Mom and Pop came over and Japan saw a new side of things in the world! ha ha! I am so blessed to have had the time with my parents. Not everyone is as fortunate as I am to get to share this experience with them. We stayed relatively close to the Mito area, just for times sake. However, the time we had was relaxing, fun and very enjoyable! Both Mom and Dad got to take their turn at trying out their Japanese skills. It was a refresher for Dad, and Mom got to pick up a few new words! Don't worry...I only taught the important ones! Top words would include...Thank you, Yes, Onigiri (one of their favorite snacks), and of course Bathroom! All of the important words in any language right?!? Dad drove on the left side of the road (yes, that is correct) and we found our way around by GPS in Japanese! It was fun. My Japanese language skills were put to the test, and I was reminded that I need to hit the books! ha ha We ate a lot of good food! Mom accidently ate some Octopus (that was funny), they got to eat REAL sushi, not Oklahoma sushi. One of my Japanese teachers had us over to a wonderful meal at her home and we all truly enjoyed that! We had a lot of real Ramen (some accidently hot...sorry Dad!). We drove up the coast and up to the mountains and went to a Kashima Antlers professional soccer game! We had a lot of fun, but most of all enjoyed getting to see each other! I will post pictures later, with all of the stories, but this is the update for now. They are flying home today so please pray for them as they travel back to Oklahoma.

Mom and Dad I know you will read this when you get back, so thank you again for coming over! I am blessed to have you for my parents! Your encouragement and love is priceless and always appreciated no matter how old I am! I love you!

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Minako Yasuike said...

I'm also happy for you. It's always good when we share our lives with family! I sometimes really miss my family. I hope that they come over again and meet my friends here. And I'd love to help your Japanese skill hehe :)