Friday, April 11, 2008

Haircut Experience in Japan

Well, I bit the bullet and decided to get a haircut. I intentionally waited to post this until my folks would not be looking at my blog. Just in case you are unaware, my parents are on their way to see me! They will be leaving Friday (Oklahoma time) and I will be picking them up in Tokyo on Saturday (Japan time)! So my folks don't know that I cut my hair so we will see if they can find me at the airport! ha ha! So the haircut experience itself was...interesting. It was a good interesting, but interesting nonetheless! So the haircut place is called Haircut L.A.. The one English speaking guy was not there that day! Yikes! So in other words, we did a lot of guestures and thank goodness I had a picture! So it pretty much went par for the course. She asked me something in Japanese, I asked her to repeat herself, and then I made a guesture to answer what I HOPED she was asking! We made it through the cut, a bit different than I pictured, but its ok! After the cut...that's when the fun begins! I am then escorted by a very nice gentlemen over to the shampoo area. Picture it with me...4 wash basins with RECLINERS in front of them. Yes I said recliners! Granted...I was a bit long for the recliner so everybody had to walk around my long legs that hung a good 2 feet over the end of the recliner, but a recliner nonetheless! ha ha! So I recline and he washes. So you are thinking...its just a simple hair wash right?!? Well that is where you are mistaken my friend! This is no regular hair wash!! So you get a hair wash/massage, which is so very relaxing, then comes the professional head massage! One! So we finish up and he escorts me back to my seat and proceeds to ask me (in Japanese) if I would like a neck and shoulder massage. And I simply replied, "uhh yeah!" When he looked at me funny I then said, "Hai, onegaishimasu!" Then my hair is styled and I go on my merry way! So I bet I can guess your next question..."Just how much did that cost her!?" Well, have no fear! Due to the fantastic service in Japan it only cost me 3600 Yen!!! That's about $36.00 back in the States! My thought on this you ask? We are seriously getting ripped off back in the States!!! First of all its not unheard of to pay $40-$50 for a haircut back home. Sure, that includes wash, cut and dry, but where are my massages!?! I will never look at a haircut the same again! Ok, so that is my first haircut experience in Japan! You can see my new "do" in the picture. I will post later on what my folks think! ha ha! Please keep them in your prayers as they travel!

Sayonara for now!


marisa said...

cute hair!! i love it. and you know, if you were a boy you could go to sports clips in edmond and pay $20 for a haircut, wash and head and neck massage. but only if you're a boy. which you are not. so anyway. have a lovely day!! how's the weather there?

OK Chick said...

AHH I had this comment all typed out and my computer broke! AH! Ok, here goes...again!

I love the hair. It looks so good on you. I'm a fan of short hair because it's easier to fix.

I paid $40 for my lastest haircut, and that did not include a head, neck, shoulder, or anything else massage. If I want a massage I have to call our dear friend Terra, which cost more money. HA!

Have fun with your parents. It's so cool that they are coming to see you, and it will be a great break for you.