Monday, March 31, 2008

Tributes & Memories

Hello to all!

I just wanted to do a short post that is a tribute. This past week my Grandpa passed away. My tribute in this post is not only to him, but to God. Its been amazing to watch how the Lord has taken care of the entire situation. He allowed not only my Grandpa to say his goodbyes, but also allowed us to do the same. My Grandpa was blessed to have 90 years on this earth. Him and my Grandma have been married for 71 of those years! Who could ask for more right? I am so blessed to have so many special memories of me and my Grandpa together. It makes it easier to let him go when I know that I will see him again. Sure, it's hard being so far away, but I know he was proud of me and that makes it ok. The Lord is good and knows exactly what we need! He knew my Grandpa was ready to go and so he was gracious enough to take him home. I know many are praying for my family, and I thank you for those thoughts and prayers. In my book, this is a celebration of a very long life, not a mourning of a passing. The Lord is good!

Sayonara for now!

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marisa said...

Elaina - Mito is BEAUTIFUL! I can't believe you get to wake up to those flowers every day. Lucky you! Hurry home!