Saturday, September 8, 2007

I am here!!

Hello all! I finally made it and wanted to put a quick update on here! The flight was really not bad at all...surprisingly! If anyone ever plans to go to Japan, I would suggest you fly with Japan Airlines! It was amazing! I have a list of great things about the Japan Airlines:

1. Otsumami (savory treats)-on the package it said nuts & crackers. I was a bit surprised with the nuts and crackers, but they were really good. Needless to say each time they brought those around I took one!

2. Green Tea-they brought hot green tea after every meal and with snacks as well! It was very good and a nice treat!

3. Oceans 13-I know I know I am behind the times, but I finally got to watch Oceans 13.

4. Callisthenics's Video-this was a hoot! Yes, I said hoot. This Japanese lady would come on the tv from time to time to show you calisthenics exercises. To be quite honest the outfit reminded me of the Olivia Newton John video from the 80's but that is ok! It was great entertainment and actually good exercises.

5. Flight Camera- There were "birds eye view" cameras on the outside of the plane. They were always available for viewing. I enjoyed watching from the nose of the plane when landing and taking off!

6. Simmered Alaska Rockfish-scrumptious! This was my lunch and it was really good!

Those are just a few of the things that I wrote down to note. I actually enjoyed the flight and it didn't seem as long as I thought it would! As far as Mito goes, it seems like a really good town. I like the area that my apartment is in. It is VERY close to my school and not far from the train. My apartment is smarter than I am I think. In typical Japanese fashion my apartment is quite hi-tech! It is very nice to say the least. I will post pictures soon.

OK well for now, I am going to leave this. I am having dinner tonight with the owner of Lily Academy (Mike), and the head of three of the schools. It should be quite interesting! Robert said that it is going to be boring, but the "queens" should make it interesting. The "queens" are the two other heads (one of them is my kindergarten). This is the nickname for them around the school. I guess I will find out!


Elaina (aka Eraina)

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