Monday, September 17, 2007

Amazing Waterfalls!

Ok, so I must start out by saying that I am sorry that I have not kept this more up to date! I will try to do better, but no guarantees!

So now back to the waterfalls! Today I got the opportunity to venture up to Iwaki, Japan. Iwaki is north of Mito about 2 hours and into the beautiful mountains! On the drive up there you have a view of the Pacific coastline in some areas, an inside look of 13 tunnels and some beautiful mountainside terrain! It was definitely a treat, that is for sure! I went with 7 other people from Mito. Kendon (he had been before so he was the leader), Austin, Wade, Leah, Janet, Joey, Casey and myself. The hike/climb was absolutely gorgeous and breathtaking! The entire climb took about 5 hours, start to finish. The last hour was more of the hike. I have not done something this physically challenging in a long time and it really felt good. I say that now, but I will be hurting terribly tomorrow! So anyway, while climbing we did take breaks to swim in the waterfalls! It was SO cold, but amazing nonetheless! I can honestly say that I have not done anything like that before! However, it was extremely humid (as Japan always is), and we definitely deserved the break in the falls! I was absolutely sweating like a pig, but everyone was sweating so no big deal. A little sweat never hurt anyone! So I was so kindly reminded by nature today that I am so very clumsy! My balance on slick surfaces is terrible and yet I had fun anyway! My knees, shins, hands, butt, back and arms did not, but eh who needs them anyway?!? ha ha So, that is pretty much the trip. Don't worry! I am going to post some pictures on my picture blog, however they no where near do this place justice!

Obviously, you can tell that I am enjoying my time here in Japan. I am meeting some really great people at work and church and truly enjoying getting to know them more. Next weekend I have another 3 day weekend and a group of us are going to CostCo near Tokyo! I am stoked! Anyway, I guess this is all for now. I will post again soon!


Shannon said...

Sounds like you are having fun!
Gotta love Costco. We have several in Taipei and I make monthly runs. Nothing like American cereal and other American goods to remind you of home.

OK Chick said...

sounds like you are having fun.
so i have a quick story about the waterfalls.

i went there when i was on pac rim. heather hubbard was with us and she wanted the perfect picture of her standing in knee depth water. it took her five minutes to get all situated in the water, for her perfect picture. right as I took the picture she slipped and fell in the water. i have a picture of her falling in the freezing cold water. ha it was funny, she was wet all the way home.

Aunt Lori said...

I love your blog! This was my first time to use a blog. I've been trying to get on here for several weeks, but I was putting spaces in the address, and after talking to your dad today, he helped me through it.

It sounds like you are having lots of fun. I'm SO happy for you! I called "Gran-Gran" today and read her your messages and described your apartment to her, and asked her if she had any messages for you. She said to tell you: "Kinetchewa" (hello - I don't know if I got anywhere close in the spelling) to tell you that she thinks you have a "nifty" bathroom, that she is real thrilled for you, and to send you her love.

Your pictures are really neat, and you "paint pictures" with your words. You are really great at this. You're in my prayers every night, and I love you bunches. I can hardly wait to hear more of your adventures. Have Fun!!