Monday, September 24, 2007

CostCo Fun!

Well hello again! I thought I would take the opportunity to update you on my week of events. It is Monday afternoon here and for the second Monday in a is a holiday!! I am not complaining!

On Saturday we (Matt, Leah, Catera and myself) went to CostCo, which is about 2 hours away by car. CostCo for those from the south like me, is exactly the same as Sam's! Yes, Dad...Mom could even take you for a date there too! They have the very cheap meals just like Sam's! I did fairly well on controlling my urges for "American" food and didn't cause too much of a dent in my wallet. However, apparently I need to learn to read better next time and not spend 2800 yen on string cheese!! Yes, that would be about $28 in US!! I looked at the sign that said 1100 yen...oops! I didn't learn of this until we were on the road home. Needless to say this is bulk size, but still a bit expensive! Live and learn I guess.

I start teaching a bit on my own this coming week. Tomorrow I will be teaching a class of 4 yr olds all of my knowledge! ha ha! That shouldn't take long! I can already hear the "Oklahoma accent comments"! So anyway, so far my kids seem to really like me and basically love to crawl all over me! So this week should be fun to see how I do. I have taught a little bit this past week, but this will actually be my lesson!

I have some pictures of the kids at the Mito Kindergarten (nearest my apartment) that I will upload a bit later. They are really cute, however I am definitely having a hard time remembering names! It would be hard enough remembering all of the names in the States, when you are familiar with the names, but it is even harder here when you aren't familiar with the names or the pronunciations! I can guarantee that they have had some good laughs!

Ok, well I am going to end this for now. I will update a bit more later this week to let you know how school is going! Today is the first day of Autumn here, so I hope that it will start to feel like it! Today has been a good start. It rained a bit yesterday and is a bit cooler today! Woo hoo!

For now...Sayonara!

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