Sunday, September 30, 2007


Well I have been waiting to post until today for the Undokai. Undokai means "sports festival." Each kindergarten and elementary school has one in Japan. My first one was supposed to be today, but due to rain it was canceled. This is a big event at each school that the students and teachers have been working on for months. They not only perform the sports aspect, but it is an entire presentation of dancing and choreography that is all set up with a theme. I do have another Undokai for my other school next Saturday so hopefully that one will go off without a hitch. In the mean time I do not know what happens when they have to cancel. I guess I will find out tomorrow when I go to school.

As far as school goes, as of tomorrow I will be in my regular full teaching routine. I am really enjoying getting to be with the kids. They are definitely a ball of laughs that is for sure. The teachers are really great as well. They have been very patient with my lack of Japanese...I think in all actuality it is just a big laugh for them! ha ha However, they do help me and I help them with English as well. So it is a fair trade! I tell you what...I had forgotten how much energy these kids have! I knew that they had energy, but good grief! However, the last sentence made me sound like I am getting old or something so I must say that, "I can still take 'em." However, the whole thing about a bunch of them karate chopping me is gonna have to be lessened dramatically! I have bruises! Oh well...usually at that point I just wrap them up and put them on my shoulder and tickle them senseless until they know better....atleast until they forget for the next time! ha ha Oh well....its all in good fun! I tickle them....they karate chop big deal right? ha ha

Ok so enough rambling from Japan! Oh! Hopefully my Gaijin card will be ready this week so I will be able to get a scooter soon! woo hoo!

Anyway, that is all for now!


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Aunt Lori said...


I'm sure enjoying all of your blogs and photos! I've tried to comment several times before, but for some reason they aren't going through. Take care of yourself!

Love and Hugs,