Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oh My Oh My!

Well, for those of you who haven't looked at your calendar or watch to see what the date is...its January 22. What is the significance you ask? No didn't forget my birthday! No...its not a national holiday (in America or Japan) either! There really is no significance to this date other than to say that January is almost over!!! I said in my last note that these last three months are going to fly by and boy was I right!! Here is the update of what's going on here.

Two weekends ago, January 11, the teachers from Mito Kindergarten planned a trip down to Disney Sea in Tokyo. They planned this as my going away party or gathering with them specifically. I couldn't believe that they wanted to do this for me! I had so much fun! I always enjoy getting to spend time with them outside of school. They are a riot!! I rode the Tower of Terror...and oh boy was it ever! Terror, that is! I screamed my head off, but isn't adrenaline supposed to burn calories, or make you younger or something like that? That's what I'm telling myself anyway! Anyway, so I survived, but once is enough for me!

Last weekend was birthday Saturday at school. Always a fun time to spend with the kids! I am off this weekend and I think we may be taking a short road trip to see some frozen waterfalls up north of here a couple of hours! That should be fun, and good pics too hopefully!

Anyway, I must be going for now, but I wanted to give a short update. My time here is precious and I am not going to waste any of all actuality I am going to bed! However, the Lord has blessed me so much by being here and I plan to use every last minute that I can get!

Sayonara for now!


Ted and Anne said...

Oh My is right! Elaina, I feel the same way...January has flown by! Glad you got to go to Disney :)

OK Chick said...

Enjoy all your time in Japan. But don't worry...they now sale Pocky at Target. SO when you get back you'll be able to find a small piece of Japan. Also, when you get back I'll take you to the Asian Market. They sale those bun thingies-Mahns (sp). I think that's what ML said they were called.