Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Have you ever noticed?

Hello to all!

Well, it is now late fall and it is wonderful! I absolutely love this time of year. It's the time of year that its not the warmth of early fall, but its not quite winter yet. It's perfectly settled in the middle. The air is crisp with a chill, and you have to wear a light coat (not a jacket) to stay warm. I love it! One other thing that I have come to love is the smell. I must admit that I can't remember if it smells this way back home. I'm not sure that I have ever realized this for myself until recent years. Have you ever noticed the crisp, fresh and almost raw smell of this season? It's hard to describe but I will do my best. I think it has to do with the temperature. The temperature is chilly, but not yet so cold that it kills the smell. Its not fresh, like spring. It's the combination of the burning of leaves and starting of fireplaces, the fallen leaves that have their own special smell just like new flowers do in the spring. Right before or after it rains it smells amazing, but not like spring rain! It has its own fall smell. I know what you are thinking...she has been sitting behind one to many buses on her scooter and has become intoxicated from the fumes! Well, this could be true, but I honestly just love this time of year! So, in the spring you say stop and smell the roses. Well, maybe you should take a walk and enjoy the crisp air and all the wonderful smells that goes with it. Take in the smell of fallen leaves, or the smoke from the fireplaces. This is a great time of year. Everyone is starting to get excited for Thanksgiving, which means Christmas and a New Year are right around the corner! However, don't get so busy and rushed with those things coming up that you miss a really great time right now! The Lord blesses us with 4 great and very unique seasons...don't forget to get out and enjoy them!

Sayonara for now!


OK Chick said...

I love fall. It's my favorite season. I like the new pic on your blog.

Ted and Anne said...

I agree Elaina...Fall is the BEST time of year! We sure miss you :) Glad you are doing well. I really enjoy reading your blog (you are a very good "blogger") ha!