Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Apologies

Hello to all! I apologize about slacking off for the last couple of weeks. One of the weeks I have an excuse, but the other one...well I will make one up for that too! ha ha. So what are my excuses you ask? Well, the first week I was without internet! See...I told you that one was valid! The second week, well basically I forgot. Yes yes I know...how in the world could I have forgotten? Well if you will peek back at my last post I mentioned that I was doing a lot with photography and trying to put together a website and learning and yadi yada yada right? So to make a long story short...I have been completely engrossed in my photography and making a website for it. So....I apologize my friends!

So here is the rundown on what has been going on in Mito. Honestly? Pretty much nothing! The kids are still out for summer (not for much longer though), so I just have a couple of kids around the school. We have had maybe 25 or 30 kids and usually about 5 or 6 teachers to keep them in line. In other words...too many teachers! The rooms aren't that big! Oh well...I sneak off from time to time to get a breather. Let's see...the weather has been amazing!!! It has felt like fall around here for the past week and I am absolutely loving it! However, I try to remind myself from time to time that it will get hot again! Hmm...what else? I'm telling you it has been really quiet around here lately. It's kind of nice to be honest with you. Oh! This past Saturday I went to my host family's house from church. They have adopted 4 of us foreigners. They are so fun and Junko is an amazing cook! I took my camera but somehow I had forgotten to charge BOTH of my batteries, so I will get family pics next time. We had a lot of fun and we played Wii Fit! This was my first time and it was so fun! It also measures weight, bmi and all that stuff that you don't really want to know, but its good to know. Good thing I measured here in Japan and not when I lived in the States! ha ha! We were supposed to go to fireworks and a matsuri (festival) that night, but it got rained out so that is why we played the Wii. I was happy with the Wii...no bug spray required!

So anyway, that is a brief update for now. I will be having a lot of stuff coming up in the next few weeks. Once school gets back and started it will be off and running! Look out! I must go to bed for now, but I will update again soon!

P.S. Check out my photo page. I will post a couple of the things that I have been working on for my photo gallery website. Yeah...that's right I said gallery. Its a fancy smanshy word that real photographers use, so I decided to pretend for a moment! ha ha!

Sayonara for now!

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