Thursday, July 3, 2008

4th of July Remembrance

When I think of the 4th of July there are many memories over the years that are brought to mind. It is definitely one of my favorite holidays and one that is difficult to describe. Sure, I love the day off (when I lived in America), the fireworks, the grilling out and the time spent with family and friends! The 4th of July is the holiday that makes me think about such a wide range of things. Anything from family, to baseball, to war, to wheat fields, to history, to swimming and of course flip flops, just to name a few. I think what I love most about this holiday is the retrospective feel that it has. Families and friends come together to eat, sit by the pool, go to the baseball field, watch fireworks and just spend time together! Unlike some of our other beloved holidays, it hasn't become over-commercialized, the meal is still laid back and best of all...paper plates are still ok!! I love the simplicity of this holiday!

Maybe I have a rose-tinted view of this holiday, but it is not without a remembrance of the many reasons that we are able to celebrate this holiday! Without the grace and patience of the Lord we wouldn't have what we do! We wouldn't be able to say, "God Bless America." We wouldn't be able to get together on this day with our family and discuss the economy, the Presidential election, the local baseball scores, the crazy family gossip or what camp the kids are going to this summer. I wouldn't be able to say Happy 4th of July to my family from around the world!

Let's take a moment to also remember our military men and women that have given their hearts and lives over the years that allowed us to remain free. Let's also remember that it is a privilege to have what we do and it is not guaranteed. We say "God Bless America," but let's remember that our lives should be ones worthy of blessings. If I may I will change the phrase to, "God change America so that we might be worthy of your protection and blessings."

To all of my friends and family, have a fun and safe holiday and eat lots of food for me and maybe shoot off some fireworks too! I love and miss you all!

Sayonara for now!

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