Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It's been awhile...

Well, hello again! I realize that it has been a bit since I have posted a story. Its been a bit busy, but I must admit that it is mostly me just being lazy! What can I say..it happens!

To be quite honest, I don't feel that there is that much to update on! I am actually at school posting this time and it is a very rainy day out today! Thus, the reason I am inside and not on the playground with the kids! People always ask about the weather so here's the scoop. We are entering into what is fondly/dreadfully known as "rainy season." It's an odd mix of feelings. The first, fondly, is true in the sense that I have an excuse to sit in my apartment or a friends apartment and watch a movie, play Wii, or just bum around. The second, dreadfully, is true every time I have to put my rain suit on to go anywhere! I will tell a bit of a story about me (that will make my Dad oh so proud) now. Growing up, my sister and I were told from an early age (before birth) that we would be buying our own cars. Dad, pay close attention here and save this for documentation! After realizing that my Dad wasn't joking, both my sister and I bought our own cars. Sure Mom and Pop helped us out from time to time, but for the most part we bought them. Why do I tell you this story? Well, stick with me here. Ever since I had to buy my own car(s) I have been so proud and grateful that I did. I have always had a great appreciation for my cars and feel that it made me a better person because of it. Oh and just to top it off for my parents....my kids will be buying their own as well. Now, having said all of that, my appreciation for cars has once again been increased exponentially! Once the weather started to warm up out of the teens, 20's, 30's, etc I was so happy because I had survived my first winter on my scooter! Now, I am gearing up for rainy season. Living through the snow, rain, wind and typhoons has given me an entirely new level of appreciation for a car! So, moral of the story, be grateful for you car!!! Don't take it for granted. Oh but just so this doesn't seem like a pity party, I will brag a bit about scooter life too! I have heard and read that gas is nearing $4.00 a gallon back home. Well, to fill up my scooter it takes me $6.00 to fill up from empty and that will last me 2 weeks! How's that for gas mileage!! Make any of you guys sick yet? ha ha

Ok, well I am going to end for now, but I will put up some more thoughts and stories soon! I hope all is well back home in the good ole' USA wherever you are!

Sayonara for now!

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