Monday, October 8, 2007

Ganbare! Ganbare!

Ganbare! That was my favorite phrase for about 8 hours on Saturday. It means literally...perservere! However, it is used like Go! So during the relay races, etc at the Undokai (Sports Festival) everyone is yelling Ganbare! I had both Mito and Uchihara undokai's on Saturday. Needless to was a long day! I had so much fun though! The kids were adorable and they did so well. I was so proud of them. I have only been with them for about a month now, but they have been practicing so hard and they had so much fun. It is truly amazing how much the entire family is involved here. I am by no means saying all the family life is perfect here, but it is nice to see every single child having family route and cheer for them. It is a huge deal for not only that child, but the entire family. When the gate opened to enter it was the like the Oklahoma Land Run all over again...except in Japan! People were running to mark their spots, and setting up cameras in different places to get the best shot! I was just standing back watching in amazement. I did snap a few pictures of course, so please check out the picture blog. To wrap up, my first undokai was a big success. I truly enjoyed getting to watch the kids and parents in the entire event. I am also excited because I get tomorrow (Tuesday) since I "worked" on Saturday. Woo hoo!

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