Sunday, October 21, 2007

Big Update!

Well, I just realized that it has been awhile since my last blog! I do have more pictures to add so I will get those on as soon as possible. It is getting late tonight, so it might be tomorrow before they are added.

Anyhow, I have been a bit under the weather for the last week, but luckily I think I am finally on the upswing! I finally have a voice again, and am coughing less so things are looking good! It was definitely interesting teaching Kindergarten class with no voice, but the kids took pity on me so it was actually good. In all reality I am not sure if they took pity or if the teachers threatened them...either way, it worked!

So its been a busy last few weeks, thus the lack of blogging! The Sensei's at each school had a welcome party for me. They were both very nice and enjoyable. I really enjoyed getting to hang out with them and talk with them outside of school. There is so much expected of teachers (sensei's) here that it is hard to get to know them at school. So it was refreshing to see a different side of them! I bought and received some clothes from Sierra Trading Post! That was exciting! I had to buy some long sleeve shirts since it is cooling down quite a bit now. It is now in the low to mid 60's for highs. Beautiful! However, when walking in the morning and back home at night it does get a bit cool! So, I went to UniQlo (like Old Navy) and purchased two fleece jackets. I am really enjoying them. However, it was kind of funny to shop there. They have some really cute stuff there, but obviously not too much fits me. I had to buy an XL fleece jacket and its about as snug as you would want. We will just call it "tailored." ha ha! I did venture over to the jeans area just to look at the sizes...that was a hoot! I normally wear a 33 length back home just for reference. The absolute longest they had (in womens) was a 30!! On an entire wall of jeans I believe I saw maybe 3 pair of 30 length jeans! It was a bit other words I could buy capri pants quite easy here! So anyway, off the clothes!

This past week I got to go to Tokyo Disneyland! I was quite excited. I got to go with Lily Academy Group. I went with a bunch of 4 and 5 year olds. Their faces were great! I think I was just as excited as they were. This was my first Disney experience and it was pretty cool! I will post pictures! I do have to say though, that I must go back with some foreigners who will eat more junk food with me! The only "junk food" that the teachers would get was all the different kinds of popcorn! I don't consider that too junky still. I guess I haven't been here long enough! ha ha

I think I am going to call it good for this update. I will try to update again soon...hopefully sooner this time! Like I said, I will update my picture page tomorrow.

Sayonara for now!

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Aunt Lori said...

Howdy Elaina!

Your blog was great! I really enjoyed it a whole lot. I called and read it to "Gran-Gran", and she told me to tell you that she loves you and that she likes your blog. Just as we were ending our call, Aunt Becky called, and I read it to her also. We all got some neat chuckles from it.

I'm sorry you have been feeling so bad. Your dad called me for my birthday, and told me how the burning-off of the rice fields was giving you sinus problems. The first year I moved here to Bartlesville, because the pollens are different from central Oklahoma, that spring and summer were really bad. I sure can understand what you are going through.

Have a wonderful week!! I'm looking forward to getting your pictures.

Love and Hugs,