Sunday, March 9, 2008

It's March! That means blossoms!

Hello from Mito!

Well, it is now March and that means that it is officially blossom season now! Its a very exciting time around Japan. Mito has the #3 park in Japan (according to people around here in Mito). The park is Kairakuen Park and it is beautiful! It overlooks Lake Senba and this is the area for Ume (Plum) Blossoms and Sakura (Cherry) Blossoms! The picture on my page is a picture that I took this weekend of one of the Ume Blossoms. I'm kind of proud of this picture because it actually turned out like I want! They are so pretty and its hard to capture sometimes. The Ume Blossoms bloom first and they will start being in full bloom next week probably. The Sakura is next and this is a huge historical blossom for Japan. They have an entire prediction timing system as to when the Sakura are going to bloom. It is all over the news and all. The Sakura is predicted to start blooming here in the Mito area April 5, and it lasts around 2 weeks. Its kind of like harvest back home, the further north you go the later the blossom is. We are very spoiled to have Kairakuen right here in Mito. However, the traffic right now is horrible! Weekends right now are a nightmare to drive (even by scooter) anywhere in Mito. People come from all over the world to see this park. Its quite something really! I am going back out next weekend early in the morning to try and get some pictures at full bloom! I will post more then on my picture page!

As for school and all right now, it is coming to a close for this year! Its a bit sad, but exciting at the same time. Graduation is March 17 for Mito and March 18 for Uchihara. I have to give a speech at both of them. Normally, this would not be a big deal for me. The only catch with these speeches are that they have to be in all Japanese! Yikes! I am practicing a lot obviously! I am trying to get as many end of the year pictures as I can. When I get them all taken I will post a lot of pictures for you to look at.

Anyway, for now I am off, but I will try to write again soon! I hope all is well back home! Take care!

Sayonara for now!

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OK Chick said...

The cherry blossoms are so pretty. I saw lots of pictures when I was in Japan. I hope you are doing well. Tell ML hello for me.