Thursday, December 20, 2007

My Prayer....

A friend of mine here in Mito posted this on her blog. This hit me big time and reminded me that this should be my life's prayer! There are so many things that I get focused on, when in all reality...they don't matter! The ONE thing that matters is that HIS will be done! I pray that God will remind His church (not ours) that the petty things that we focus on in life don't matter. I pray that He will use me and will open my eyes to the work of His hand!! I want to be so in tune that I hear the whispers of my Father! I want to see the oceans part and nations come! In my life Your will be done!

This is going to be my focus this Christmas! What an honor we have that our Father sent his Son that we might have the opportunity to pray this prayer! Religion is not a right, it is an honor that we have been given the opportunity to serve our Father!

Kneeling humbly before my Father,

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